Clip B2-B / inox 304 (epoxy noir) (100 pcs/sachet) Toggle

Clip B2-B / inox 304 (epoxy noir) (100 pcs/sachet)

Easy and quick to install, B2B-B clip is a hidden deck fastener recommended for Karakum (>130mm) decking boards. B2B clips allow an exceptional hold-down power thanks to the claws located on the tabs. The result is a stable, smooth and safe deck surface.
1. Position the 1st board and leave a 6mm gap from any permanent structure.
2. Pre-drill the 1st board with sufficient drill hole 25mm from the side. Fix the exterior side of the 1st board to the joist using stainless steel screws 5x50mm.
3. Insert B2B clip into the groove channel of the 1st board at every support joist. Install the screw in the most cental hole and fix.
It is necessary to pre-drill before screwing when using hard wood sub beams.
4. Position the next board against the fastener. Slightly lift the outer edge of the board to ease the assembly of the board onto the fastener. B2B clip allows a minimum of 5-6mm gap between the boards.
5. Tighten the 2nd board to the 1st board using a rubber mallet. This will allow a better hold down power of the board to the joist.
6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until the last board. Adjust the final board and fix the exterior side to the joist using stainless steel screws 5x50mm.

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